Working Toward a Greener Vehicle Today

We at Shrader want to remind you of our brand promise.

In the past weeks we have covered the advancements in electric automobile technology thoroughly on our social media. At Shrader, we applaud the industry’s shift toward electric power, and are excited to work with the growing number of electric car owners and distributors across the country.

Green technology is growing faster than ever, and people across the world are beginning to invest in the items and practices that will reduce their own carbon footprint. However, not all of us can walk out the door today and buy an electric car, or even a hybrid for that matter. There are entire sections of society that aren’t in the position to uproot their current means of transportation, but the drive toward being a more environmentally responsible citizen is still strong.

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To that end, we at Shrader want to remind you of our brand promise. With a little effort of your own, we will make your vehicles work better, look better, and last longer. In making your car work better and last longer, you are doing more than just upgrading your car, you’re actually improving your own ecological footprint. When you use our chemicals to improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicles, you’re also lowering emissions while improving the performance of your car. Additionally, the inevitable consequence of using our solutions is the improved longevity of your vehicles. The quality of our products is such that your cars life will be significantly extended with regular use of our products. This keeps vehicles out of landfills and lets you save in the long run.

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So while electric vehicles may be all the rage, being green doesn’t mean you need to go out and drop tens of thousands on an alternate power car. You can begin the process of being a more environmentally friendly consumer right now, by making the effort to treat your vehicles with the right products. We’ll give you the tools to make your car work better and last longer, allowing you to get the most out of your vehicle while setting the groundwork for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

And it doesn’t hurt that we’ll make you look better too.

Cole Masnaghi

Cole writes for Shrader Canada.

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